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We provide genuine and affordable web optimization services, sarch engine optimization, search engine marketing and web development services
The founder of seosearchmamma.com has been a huge success in Eastern Europe and now brings the experience and a fresh SEO marketing philosophy to the United Kigdom: 
“As soon as I learned the art of building websites, I have been working in search engine optimization and marketing field. This happened 15 years ago. Now with more than a decade of SEO marketing experience, I am confident I can bring up the profit of any company via search engine optimization” - says Evelina “Eva” Tamulaitiene, SEO expert and founder of the SEO SEARCH MAMMA. 

Seosearchmamma.com services: 

  • SEO - web optimization for search engines (Google, Yandex);
  • SEO audit for websites;
  • SEO maintenance; 
  • SEM - web marketing for search pages; 
  • Press release preparation and distribution;
  • Website building;
  • Website branding;
  • Website content writing; 
  • Other various marketing services; 
  • SEO courses (individual or group). 

Feedback about previous seosearchmamma.com projects: 

“Having negative consequences with our previous SEO “experts”, we have decided to seek help from Eva. She evaluated the state of our website very professionally and fixed our ranking. Currently, within highly competitive range of keywords (22,200 searches per month), we are now found at the top of Google web search in 1st position.” - a story from the owner of yoga studio “Ananda”. 
“I have made the best business decision when I chose seo mamma for my website optimization. Seosearchmamma.com has professionally seen the project through to the very end. I have also been pleasantly surprised by the impact of Eva’s press releases. They have done wonders in search engine marketing and helped us be seen in the main news websites in the region” - the manager of Body music, Ltd. 
“We are very happy to have put the website optimization project in the hands of seosearchmamma.com. The articles Evelina wrote were very professional and are being used in both local and international marketing activities” - a phrase of Selteka, Ltd., technology manufacturers. 
“Evelina, you are a magician! We only launched our website three weeks ago and it’s already No. 1 position in Google search engine! Unbelievable! Thank you!” - CEO of JSC “Statybų vykdymo centras”, contractors in Lithuania.   
“Evelina, you are a great specialist and a wonderful person!” - CEO of International restaurant, Ltd.