SEO courses and seminars offers individual SEO courses, SEO lessons in groups and SEO seminars.

SEO courses individually and in groups:

How do individual and group SEO courses take place?
Individual SEO courses are conducted via Skype on time, comfortable for both, Client and Lecturer.
Group SEO courses take place when a group of minimum 10 people is formed. Personal laptop is required.   
Length of individual SEO courses: 3-4 weeks, 1 - 1,5 hours/working day. 
Length of groups SEO courses: 1 full working day with lunch break.   

The goal of individual SEO courses:

To teach an individual with limited or no SEO, IT or marketing skills, to optimize a website on their own, and provide SEO services in the future with their own skills. At the end of the course, an individual received enough information and has potential to provide SEO services in the future.  

Who should choose SEO courses?

  • Individuals, who want to learn website optimization skills, gain SEO specialist qualification and provide SEO services, also marketing and advertising specialists, PR specialists, website content administrators. 
  • Individuals that have gone through either individual or groups SEO courses will receive a certificate.   

SEO courses program:
I. SEO theory. Basic SEO information, positive and negative effects, SEO “secrets”. 
II.  SEO audit. Theory and practical application.
III. Keywords research. Theory and practical application.
IV. Content preparation. Theory and practical application.   
V. Information for inner CMS modules. Theory and practical application.
VI. Link network building. Theory and practical application.
VII. SEM - SEO marketing. Theory and practical application. During this stage of the course, SEO students are taught general knowledge about internet marketing.
Best is when the client has her own web project or two. It’s a perfect ground to build on for practical application.    

If the client doesn’t have her own project, the lecturer offers dummy projects for practice.
Individual SEO courses pricelist here.

Planned group SEO courses:
     Date      |     City
Those who wish to participate in group SEO courses please register in advance, indicating the city, data and contact phone number.

Group SEO courses price is here.